Video Editorial 'A Barnstorming Diversity' by Lucas Huikeshoven


This video is inspired by 1920’s barnstorming, back when airplanes were not for use for transport, but rather ‘entertainment’. The video gives body to our S/S ’19 collection ‘Air Flight’ with carry overs as the Parachute Trousers.

One of TNO’s sporting passions, tennis, plays a key role in the video, containing our close friends as characters. 

Director: Lucas Huikeshoven

D.O.P: Ahmed Barakat
2nd Camera: Jason Barnhoorn
Gaffer: Sam Broekman
Styling: Jean-Michel Mabruki Mussa & Alex Eray
Music: YBRA

Tennis Player #1: Owen Quintero
Tennis Player #2: Rizky Lasahido
Referee: Suzanne Koopstra
Spectator #1: Eben Badu
Spectator #2: Madou Fall
Swimming Couple: Yoni Yosef & Lisa van der Zant

Produced by GeurTV

Thanks to: Phong Huynh, Jason Barnhoorn, Tungsten Studio, Neef Louis, Huub Huikeshoven, Astrid Croese & David Freeman